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In one word, Fabulous!

John F.
If you love the Island of Kauai like we do and are looking for the perfect location to make your home base this is it. Danny and
Linda's Condo is perfectly located in the beautiful North Shore location of Princeville. The surroundings are beautiful, the location
is perfect to Hideaway"s beach, a short spirited jaunt from the Condo, the St Regis, with the best view on the Island of Hanalei Bay
and Bali Hai not to mention some yummy cocktails. Let's talk about the Condo, not only are you on the most beautiful Island of
Kauai, the Condo will make you feel as though you've been a local for years. The views from the Condo are "spectacular! The
location of the Condo on the third floor provides those views but it is also the most easily accessible from the parking lot, 6 easy
steps. It is beautifully decorated with great finishes and a wonderful, tasteful Polynesian flare. Lovely and comfortable furniture
fitting to Kauai, great Art and all the trappings needed to make your stay perfect! In short, if you are searching for the perfect place
this is it. You can quit looking and just "book it". The Condo is cool with many ceiling fans to circulate the fragrant and soft trade
winds that make being in the Condo so comfortable. If you are an adventurer you are in the right place. Take Danny's advice and
stop by Costco on your way from the Airport. They have a great selection of Wine and beers brewed on the Big Island and you can
save a small fortune if you stop there on your way. In short, our stay was perfect, the location fantastic! There is nothing to
improve on. Enjoy your stay,
John and Anne (Denver)  10 10  10  10

If you are looking for HEAVEN ON EARTH this place is IT! Unbelievable views-quiet-secluded beach--with all kinds of fish and
octopus too--whales----------LOTS of room-clean-fabulous bathroom! Views to die for. Homey and comfortable. The patio is
wonderful for a morning breakfeast and evening dinner. Romantic! And also perfect for families. Best place we have ever stayed
at. Owners are great people. They care about you! We love this place!

Mr. & Mrs. John Mitchell & Family (Scottsdale, Az)  10   10   10   10

Hi there Linda & Danny!
We were just looking through the photos from our trip and talking about how beautiful "our home" was. When we first pulled up to
the Pu'u Poa parking area, my husband Mark went up to the condo first to make sure we weren't too early (turns out we weren't)
and to unlock the door. He came back to the car with the biggest smile on his face and said "wait until you see this place!". We
walked through the door and our jaws all dropped. Linda - the whole setting is absolutely stunning. I can't remember if I'd
mentioned to you in our earlier correspondence that we were bringing Mark's mom from England to Kauai for her birthday. You
should have seen the look on her face when she stepped inside #303!  
We're certain that we had the most wonderful trip possible because of your place. Since we had our 6 month old baby with us it
was pretty hard to drive around or do a lot of activities/hiking/beach-time so we ended up spending a lot of time at the condo. So,
because the condo is so fabulous - with it's HUGE lanai (I hope I spelled that right), INCREDIBLE views that make you feel like
you're right at the beach, and wonderfully open feel we were more than content to stay put. We were also thrilled that Hideaways
Beach was right below us so my husband and I could go down there any time.  
A huge: Thank you - thank you - thank you!
We hope to be back some day!
I've attached a few pictures because I thought you might be interested to see who you've made very happy. :-)

Julie, Mark, Sophie Wayman and Mark's mom Carol Wayman
10   10   10   10

We had our dream honeymoon in Maui and Kauai, this condo is immaculate and includes everything you could ever want!!! We
awoke to the sound of waves breaking on the beach below every morning and enjoyed sun on the lanai in the afternoon. We were
worried that after the resort amenities at the Hyatt in Maui we might be let down in Kauai...JUST THE was luxury
living right next door to the Princiville Resort at a fraction of the cost!!!! NO COMPLAINTS!!!We will go back and stay here again!!  
Peggy Anderson (Novi, MI)  10   10   10   10  

Dear Linda & Danny,
Thank you so much for sharing your incredible piece of Paradise with us! Our 10 days spent in your little piece of heaven was the
best and most comfortable vacation either of us have ever taken. I can see why you say Kauai will call us back, we definitely want
to plan another trip, and after having the luxury of your condo, we got spoiled...there couldn't be a more beautiful place to stay. We
have never stayed anywhere that so was accommodating! Everything we needed or might need (backpacks, beach chairs,
telescope...even down to ace bandages!) were there...felt like we were at home...only in Paradise!
Watching the humpback whales from the condo (and we didn't need the telescope, there were so many, and so close), was an
incredible experience for us! As you can see in the pic..we got married right on the bluff at the condo. It was beautiful!  Thank you
so much for making such a wonderful place available to others!
Bev & Karl Stephens           10   10   10   10  

--I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful home-base for our most recent visit to Kaua'i. My husband had never
been before and my Mom and I hadn't been since the year after Iniki--what a change! Your place was absolutely gorgeous and
perfect for our needs. We've stayed at Princeville many times before, and we've stayed at other condos in Pu'u Poa, but will never,
ever, ever be tempted again--the condo and views were magnificent, and the constant sound of the ocean was absolutely
mesmerizing. We all loved it soooo much and were beyond depressed to leave. John and I are planning an early summer trip to
visit my family in Honolulu and are seriously considering building in some more time to spend in Kaua'i. I'll keep you posted...
Holly & John Schmidt  10   10   10   10

Thank you so much for renting your beautiful condo to us. What a breathtaking place to stay- we both felt so spoiled! The wedding
was also beautiful....everything, including your condo, was more than we ever expected. Thank you so much. I am so sorry we did
not get a chance to sign the guest book though! There was just so much going on that we forgot to sign it. But, please know how
grateful we are to have stayed at such a lovely place and that we hope to return soon! Thanks for everything-

We also received our deposit back in the mail- thank you.
Christine and Ryan         10   10   10   10

Hi Linda & Danny
Lona and I can't thank you enough, nor can we tell you what an incredible time we had in Kaua'i. It was such an unforgettable
vacation, and we will, without a doubt, be back. (We're now trying to figure out how to MOVE to Hawaii!!) Your condo is beautiful
and, we maintain, the best on the island!
I also wanted to add that we ate at La Cascata at the Princeville, and it was fabulous -- worth every penny!  We tried to make
reservations for the seafood buffet on Friday nights, but we waited too long and they were full.  We will reserve in advance next
time!  Our best meals and happy hours though were on your lanai, watching the Pacific Ocean.  We even saw spinner dolphins
one day, which was really exciting and beautiful!
We couldn't have had a more romantic wedding or honeymoon anywhere in the world!  It was the perfect way to start our life
When we left, we wrote a little note for the maid to let her know about the towels and sheets in the washer/dryer. We left the condo
in pretty good shape, so I'm not expecting that she had too much clean-up to do.
We were wondering if you would mind sharing your story (of how you ended up in Kauai) with us, because we really would like to
move there within the next couple of years.  Life is too short to spend it in the rat race (and less than perfect weather) of the

Thanks again for everything -- I can't wait to be contacting you again about next summer!  
Well, as you can probably tell, we fell in love with Kaua'i and are having a hard time readjusting to life on the mainland. We can't
wait until we can swing another trip (maybe next summer), and will be in touch with you as soon as we decide. Take care and,
again, mahalo!
Mahalo and aloha,
Lona & Matt        10   10   10   10  

Hi Danny and Linda

Just wanted to again tell you how wonderful our trip was -- although I think Dave and I would have had a great time anywhere,
staying at your condo made it just extra, extra special.

We were so lazy -- some days we never left til after noon -- it was just so relaxing reading on the deck and looking at the wonderful
view.  And sleeping to the sound of the ocean is the best sleep ... I am more rested than I've been in months.

Everything about 303 was just so beautiful and special -- the telescope was just great for watching surfers up close, the wonderful
linens, the beautiful fish on the wall ... I became so enamored with the pelican in the guest bedroom that I moved it to the living
room coffee table during our visit just so I could enjoy it every day...

We had a chance to peek into a few other units and none compared -- right down to your great kitchen and wonderful music.

We're looking at our calendars now to book for next year!  Unfortunately, I'm already back at work but I have my mp3 player set on
Repeat to that great version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ -- ...I love it,  just like the double rainbow I saw out of the
bedroom window the very first morning I woke up there!

Best regards
Barbara                     10   10   10   10

Aloha Linda and Dan, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much we enjoyed your beautiful condo.  What a wonderful
wonderful place--all aspects of our stay, despite the rain, were ideal--exactly what we needed.  Thanks for the quick return on the
security deposit as well..  We would love to stay at your condo again sometime, and are already looking forward to the opportunity.

James & Robin       10   10   10   10

Hi Linda & Danny,

We were just so amazed by your condo.  It was absolutely beautiful down to every last detail.  I totally felt like I was in paradise.  We
would not even have had to leave the condo and it would be fantastic. I have now come home and want to do some renovating to
our house.  I found dishes with palm trees that are fantastic.  I now want to redo our bedroom in palm trees.  There is something so
relaxing about the tropical atmosphere.  However, I have not been able to find a fan like you had in the bedroom.  That was the
most beautiful fan I have ever seen.  Could you please let me know the name and company where you purchased it?  I would love
to have one.  I can't wait to get that tropical feeling since we have about 8 inches of snow and sleet and freezing rain.  It seems like
forever since we were there.  I'm ready to come back.  Who knows, maybe in a couple of years.  Thanks for your help and enjoy
your paradise.
D Farr   10   10   10   10

Aloha Linda & Dan-

We had a great time on your wonderful Island - and loved the condo.  It was beautiful.  We definitely intend to return, but I can't
promise it will be to #303 as we are currently working with a realtor to buy a condo of our own !!   Yes, the island air certainly is
intoxicating.... as well as the Mai Tais.  The condo was great - clean and neat and even better than the website could show.   Jerry
played golf twice, and it was great as I could just sit on the lanai and watch for whales (saw many of them) and relax.  Jerry loved
your "one cup at a time" dispenser on the coffee maker.  I was wishing I had some binoculars to see the whales better (couldn't
quite master the telescope) and then - I found them !  Perfect!   The extra touches made a big difference.

Your beautiful tile floors really added class - especially since we went condo "shopping," and I can't tell you how poor an
impression some flattened/ugly carpeting makes.  The only improvement, if you could call it one, is that besides coffee, I love tea in
the morning.  We couldn't find a tea kettle, but Jerry saw one at the local market when he went to buy some provisions and bought
one to add to your plentiful cooking supplies - so if your inventory is off, we hope you don't mind.

Your directions to the condo were perfect, and we enjoyed the Sunday brunch at the resort, as well as some wonderful dinners.
There is so much to see and do on Kauai - or not do. You really have a great condo, and we are so happy you shared it with us.    
This will no doubt become an annual trip for us until we can retire and move back permanently.

Mahalo !
Donna     10   10   10   10

The condo was spotless when we walked in and so comfortable. My husband and I couldn't find the words to express the view. We
were so happy we chose your condo. Please know we are thrilled and are recommending it to our daughter for a honeymoon
location and other friends and family as well.
I'm so glad you received great feedback on the condo when we left. When you stay in a place so beautiful, you want to make sure
you leave it the best it can be.
Thank you again Linda. It's been a pleasure. And yes, we fell in love with Kauai.
Blessings to you,
Patti    10   10   10   10

Linda & Dan,

We just wanted to tell you Thanks!!  Wow your place was amazing.  We absolutely loved it.  It was so nice.
Hideaway beach was so beautiful we did so much snorkeling there, one of the days there was a monk seal on the beach almost all
day long.  I have never seen anything like Kauai.  I really hope we will be able to come back someday!  It was more than we ever

Thanks again,
Kelly & Kenneth Lester    10   10   10   10

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your condo. Princeville is a gorgeous area. Your unit was spectacular. There were so many
nice touches and the furnishings were excellent. We notice a lot of things about condos because we used to own a unit at
Keystone ski resort in Colorado. Your unit is by far the nicest we have ever seen or stayed in. We gave your website to a friend
who is considering going to Kauai in the fall. I have also told numerous people at my office that if they go to Kauai that we have the
place for them to stay.
My wife is much more eloquent than I am and she planned to send you a thank you note and tell you how much we enjoyed the
unit. But, we have friends in town from China, the kids are out of school, etc. and she has not gotten around to it.

I really cannot think of anything you need to do to improve the condo. It was great.

We were amazed that you did so many "small, thoughtful" things, like having condiments in the cabinet or refrigerator, trash bags,
ice chests, snorkel equipment, beach towels, fresh flowers. The iced down beer mugs and martini glasses were outstanding. The
furniture and decorations were very nice. We could not believe all the CD's you had. I could go on and on. We remarked several
times how much your condo put ours in the mountains to shame.  You are welcome to put our email on  your website.
Stephen R.    10   10   10   10

It's very rare to find a spectacular condo with owners of equal quality. Puu Poa #303 has been our home away from home for
several years. We have enjoyed so many wonderful times here. Every time we leave this place we take away special memories of
the spectacular views and lovely sunsets. It has been our "special place" and will always remain so thanks to the hospitality of
Danny & Linda Lyons.
David & Nisa LaForest    (Bangkok Thailand) 10   10   10   10
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